Get Out is a latest generation Escape Game situated in the heart of Vevey. For an entire 60 minutes you can explore the authentic and engaging rooms inspired by the universes of Avatar, Harry Potter, The Shining and even Earth’s superheroes.

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Cutting-edge technology

Real immersive worlds

From 2 to 60 players

The Wizards' Trophy

Family, Fantasy, Magic

Bonus room

This year, it’s your job to bring home the Sorcerer’s Trophy. Use your magic wand wisely and win as many points for your house as possible.

A magical adventure which will lead you to discover dreamlike places and fantastic beasts, whether you’re a child or an adult, amateur or expert!

  • Adults and children
  • 2 to 8 players

The last Ta'Ri egg

Science fiction, nature.

Immersive settings

Go on an adventure in an incredible world filled with magical vegetation! Situated light years from Earth, you have the chance to explore this beautiful world in the hope of finding the last Ta’ri Egg, an item with immense value.
The first Avatar inspired Escape Game in Switzerland.

  • Adults and children
  • 2 to 8 players

Room 236

Thrills, horror


Every winter, a famous hotel in Montana closes its doors. Only the caretaker and his family are allowed to stay to maintain the hotel… but following the murderous frenzy at the hands of J. Torrance, YOU have been sent to the hotel to lead the investigation.

It is rumoured that evil spirits haunt the building… here’s a tip, don’t go into Room 236!

  • Recommended from 14 years old
  • 2 to 7 players

Icecorp and the Superheroes

Superheroes, adventure.

Game size
Special effects

All the Superheroes have disappeared. A beacon has located them in the bunkers of a mysterious corporation named “Icecorp”, who are the world leaders in cryopreservation. Sneak into their guarded building and make your way through various rooms to set the Heroes free!

  • For all ages
  • 2 to 8 players
  • sAdaptable difficulty


The price of your game depends on the amount of players.

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Whether it be to strengthen your team mindset, to invite your clients to an original and exciting event or to organize an end of year activity, our Escape Game has become a favorite with many companies.

You can reserve our Escape Game rooms as well as our lounge and our bar. We can receive up to 60 people at once.

  • Team building
  • Corporate event
  • From 4 to 60 employees
  • Tailor-made offer


Are you looking to organize an unforgettable birthday for your child?

We offer a special Escape Game birthday package which includes: an Escape Game(s), reserved space in our lounge for the cake and presents, popcorn and drinks. Each participant will also leave with a present. We can host 8 children, 16 years old or younger.

  • Turnkey anniversary
  • Recommended from 6 years old
  • All inclusive package (except cake)



Can we play in english ?

Yes, all our games are playable in english. Please choose "english" when you book your session.

How does a game work ?

Once you’ve been told the rules and the story by our game master, you will have 60 minutes to solve several riddles and puzzles to find a way out of the rooms.

If you have trouble with any of the riddles or puzzles, not to worry! Clues will be given out in order to help you in your adventure.

Am I in need of any particular physical or intellectual capacities in order to play?

No. The riddles require a good eye, your logic and your team spirit. There are no physical tests or mathematical equations. You can even play each game (of each theme) without having seen the actual movie!

Are the rooms difficult to escape from?

The level of difficulty for each game is adapted so that each player will be able to enjoy and be involved throughout the game. Whether it be a group of children or Escape Game experts, a game master will be following the entirety of the adventure to help and to give out clues if required.

Is there an age limit? Are the rooms scary?

“The Sorcerer’s Trophy” and “Icecorp and the Superheroes” rooms are adapted for all ages. Some noises and effects could possibly dazzle younger kids, which is why we recommend it for children 5 years or older.

The “Last Ta’ri Egg” room is available for families, but the level of the riddles is slightly more advanced.

“Room 236” is recommended for ages 14 and older as it is based on a horror movie.

Useful information

Our Escape Game is located opposite the REX cinema in Vevey, a few minutes from “La Grande Place”. Many parking spots are available there. We’re also three minutes away from Vevey train station. We’d advise you to arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of your game, so that we can properly explain the rules and the story before you lead your own adventure. It’s not possible to bring your own food, but you’ll find a bar and a popcorn machine at the entrance.

How to reserve and what are the payment details?

It is necessary to reserve on this website beforehand, with Twint or by card. For last minute reservations (-3h before) you can reserve by phone, on the number that will appear on the reservation planning. Although be careful, we are often fully reserved days in advance.

Reservation, cancellation or date/time change

In case of any urgent matters, you can change your reservation date or time up to 48 hours before it’s due. If a medical certificate is provided, a change of date can be arranged up to 8 hours before the beginning of your game. If so, a gift card will be provided with the equal amount of the original reservation. Reimbursements are not possible. Requests should be addressed by email to

Escape Unlimited Pass

To book a session with you Escape Unlimited Pass, please send us, between Monday and Friday 4:00 p.m., a photo of your Pass(es) by email to, specifying the day, the room and desired time.



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